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Our Staff

Cassandra Campbell
Executive Director

Title: Executive Director
Oversees the overall supervision and management of the center, community outreach and grant writing.

Bio: Cassandra Campbell started at MECC in 1980 as a lead teacher, then Program Coordinator, and became Executive Director in 2009. She holds an AA,in Early Childhood Education, BA in Human Development and an MA in Education with an emphasis in Child Development. Cassandra has a Program Director Permit from California Department of Education.

Cathy Roof
Chief Financial Officer

Title: Chief Financial Officer
Responsible for fiscal operations and provides administrative support to the Executive Director.

Bio: J. Catherine Roof started at MECC in 1974 and became the Executive Director soon after. She has recently taken a part time position as Chief Financial officer as she prepares for retirement. Cathy has a BA in Liberal Studies and an MA in Education Administration.

Charmaine Flores
Site Supervisor

Title: Site Supervisor
Responsible for overseeing the integration of all regulatory requirements, staff development and scheduling.

Bio: Charmaine Flores joined MECC in August of 2012 after spending a semester as an intern through Los Medanos College. Charmaine has an AA degree in Child Development, a secondary AA in Liberal Arts: Behavioral Sciences, and a BA in Early Childhood Education. Charmaine also has a Program Director Permit from California Department of Education.

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